WTF Happened in August 2020

Another month has passed in this global and let’s just say that Hollywood has its ups and downs when it comes to dealing with it in terms of movies. Here are some things that happen over the past month of August.

  • “Mulan” on Disney+

After holding out for months now, Walt Disney Studios finally knew what to do with its long-delayed “Mulan” which is supposed to come out sometime in March of this year. It is now heading to Disney+ streaming service where you can just buy the movie and have it forever. Unfortunately, Malaysia doesn’t have Disney+ but fret not as “Mulan” is set to release this 4th September – if they don’t delay it again, that is.

  • Lots of new releases at DC FanDome

After the snoozefest that is Comic-Con (well, at least they tried giving virtual convention a go), the people at DC Comics and Warner Bros. raised the bar with their very own version of Comic-Con in the form of DC FanDome. Now, there were LOTS of things happening in one day namely new “Wonder Woman” trailer, a behind-the-scenes look at James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad”, more Snyder cut footages, and the most talked about trailer of them all, “The Batman” where we get to see our new Batman in action.

  • RIP Chadwick Boseman

I hate to end this in a sad note but the world lost an amazing performer and a true hero at that. Chadwick Boseman, most notably known in his role as the Black Panther, has died battling colon cancer since 2016. It is hard to believe what he went through seeing that he has NEVER showed signs of weakness and giving up – he powered through his physical demanding roles with a big smile on his face ready to show the world his art form. A true King.

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