5 Most Anticipated movies of 2021

2020 is known to be the year where all movies have been pushed back a year (some even indefinitely) due to the COVID-19 situation that is still going on. Lots of movies didn’t make the cut, some do but it did poorly in the box office because, well, nobody dares to go to the cinema just yet in fear of contracting the virus. However, I am hopeful this year.

This year, I’m a little bit optimistic that Hollywood has found a way to tackle this problem of releasing new movies. Streaming can be an option where lots of studios are currently looking in to but whatever it is, I think we are going to see some new movies this year.

That being said, here are my five most anticipated movies coming out (hopefully) in 2021.

  • “No Time To Die”

Looks like James Bond has a bigger villain this time and that is its own release date. Since it got pushed back from April last year, hopefully we’ll see Daniel Craig once again as the British spy before he bids farewell to the character who he’s been for 15 years now.

  • “The Suicide Squad”

Remember when 2016’s “Suicide Squad” came out and it tried soooo hard to become edgy but with a fun twist ala “Guardians Of The Galaxy” only to fail at its attempt? Well, the king of edgy but fun is here to take over the show and his name is James Gunn. “The Suicide Squad” is said to be a sequel but also a retelling of the 2016 disaster flick with lots more whacky supervillain antics to look forward to.

  • “Dune”

Now, I have no idea what the 1984 movie was about and I do not want to know anything going in. All I know is this remake movie has a stellar cast, directed by one of the best directors working today, and has a giant sandworm in it. Count me in!

  • “Eternals”

If I had to choose one movie that I am most excited about this year, it has to be “Eternals” because… SPACE! We had a little taste of that side of the Marvel Universe with the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” movies but if producer Kevin Feige is sticking to his promise that “Eternals” will dive deeper into space, I reckon this movie is going to be one helluva space ride.

  • “Spider-Man 3”

With all these casting rumours and confirmations, it’s hard not to ignore how massive this movie is going to be! We got both the previous Spider-Mans in, a couple of villains from the previous franchises, original MJ Watson also returning; this “Spider-Man” movie is going to be the most ambitious movie Marvel has ever done!

What are some of your most anticipated movies of 2021? Comment your thoughts down below!

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